My foremost goal as a teacher of the arts, is to instill in my students the importance of being an artist, what it means to be an artist, and the appreciation of this form of expression. 

With the prominence of technology today, I see drawing and the act of making more crucial then ever before.  I explore various masters, impressionists and contemporary artists and architects in my classes. My projects reflect the lives, techniques and styles of past and current individuals.  I enjoy sharing with my students my own artwork and to show them how my drawings, sculptures and photographs are both playful and meaningful for me.

I have a deep passion for the fine arts and a strong commitment to sharing my well-developed and well-established teaching goals. Throughout my time as an art educator I have touched many people, children, high school age, college level and retirees, with both compelling and tangible experiences.  I have raised self-esteem and a yearning in children and adults for more art making in their everyday lives.