As a 21st century artist my work not only documents the psychological and physical attributes of woman but also the dream like, surreal world that it inhabits. Memories and dreams from childhood and then adolescence, bring to the present blurry, deformed and at the same time magnified universal meaning.

Through my process of consciously remembering, I begin to collaborate with the unconscious.

Dental Imagery

Teeth drawings made with color-pencils and dental clamp collages created with a combination of photocopies and pastels, are details from a full-scale installation that recreated my uneasy experience as a 14 year old girl in the office of my father, who was a dentist, performing surgery on me, alone in his chair late at night. The full-scale installation was entitled, “Dinner table with Julia Kristeva”.  Other images shown here show me during the process of creating this piece.  


“Foreign Waters”A progression of swim photos taken by me in a lake with an extended bulb to the camera mounted on shore. Each photograph represents an investigation of the feminine. The digitally reproduced images are 40x60, a suite of three.

“The Decent” This digitally reproduced photograph of myself communicates the personal and painful memories of the events that took place on 9-11, the terrorist bombings of the Twin Towers in NYC. 40x60.